Bringing decades of experience from both the studio system and the independent film world, Out of Order Studios has created an environment where creativity can thrive but budgets don't soar. With a focus on animated feature films, VFX driven live action films and episodic animated series, Out of Order Studios will become the new standard in the world of "make believe".




Chad Gundersen’s producing career began almost 20 years ago while in college at the University of North Texas. Soon after, Chad co-founded Night & Day Films in 2000 and made numerous award winning commercials, music videos and short films. Going out on his own in 2006 Chad started Gundersen Entertainment and has worked alongside studios like 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate and Sony to produce life-changing films. Some of his more notable projects are Like Dandelion Dust starring Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino and Barry Pepper, The Trial starring Matthew Modine and Hoovey starring Patrick Warburton and Lauren Holly. Chad is currently in production on a children’s animated series called Owlegories, as well as numerous live action feature films, animated feature films and multiple TV shows.




For the last 19 years Chris Juen has been involved in many studio tent pole films for both Visual Effects and Animation while working at Sony Pictures Imageworks. In 2004, after playing a key role on Robert Zemeckis's Polar Express, he made the jump from Live Action to CG Animation. He played a crucial role in helping to setup the new Sony Pictures Animation Division. His latest project was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, an all-CG animated feature produced by Sony Pictures Animation. Prior to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Juen's credits included Co-Producer of the animated hits Arthur Christmas and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, as well as Digital Producer of the animated films Surf's Up and The Polar Express. Juen is also credited as the Visual Effects Producer on Beowulf and a Visual Effects Producer on The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Chris is currently in development on numerous animated feature films.


When street art takes more than it gives, Aonani gives up her can of spray paint for a brush made of light, resulting in a battle of the arts, between her graffiti crew from her past and her new family of light painting photographers forging her future. Who will cover the city first?

Genre: Family / Faith

     After Aonani loses her brother during a night of graffiti bombing she wants out, but Smash, the self proclaimed king of graffiti, has other plans for her. She is trapped in the gang in order to keep her brother’s legacy alive. When her grandpa introduces her to another way to paint the city, light painting photography, Aonani proves to be a natural. She discovers a way to preserve the memory of her brother, give up her graffiti lifestyle and paint with light after experiencing a heavenly vision.

When her heavenly light painting is discovered by a secret underground light painting society, she finds a single candle with a clue inviting her to learn the art of long exposure photography, which enables them to create majestic images made of light. In the old, Cold War, underground bomb shelter, turned artists’ haven, Aonani learns to paint with fire from Pyro, from Light Board the art using intelligent lights, and finally Sketch who light paints while dancing in the forest. With her new crew formed, she leads them back into the city to paint with light and they quickly capture the attention of the whole city, as well as her rival graffiti gang. But when Aonani lies to her team to get her name known, she finds herself without a family again, discredited as an artist and Smash and his gang back in control of the night.

In her darkest moment, Grandpa reminds her who she is and the grace she has been given by Jesus. As she takes steps to ask for forgiveness, her team reunites and challenges Smash’s Graffiti Crew to a Battle of the Arts, with the town as their audience.

After seeing the town as Jesus now sees it, who will Aonani light paint for, her glory or God’s?


  •  Seth Himes - Director/Writer
  •  Chad Gundersen - Producer
  •  Chris Juen - Producer


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